Friday, September 26, 2008

The birth of by Nicole

Have you ever wondered why you end up in certain places and meet certain people who cross your path?  I do constantly and even though I will never receive an answer for it I will continue to go with whatever life has in store for me.   I don't consider myself the most spiritual person but, time after time I am starting to understand certain sayings my grandmother use to say like, "there is a purpose in life for everyone and everything that comes your way is the answer to that….it is just up to you whether or not to take advantage of the opportunities presented."  I use to constantly ask her what is she talking about.  Well, one Saturday morning in mid-April I finally got it! 

Received an email from none other than Ms. Kashi.  Title in Caps - GOT A GREAT IDEA – and had to see what she was getting at with this one.  A few months earlier, we realized our potentials personally and professionally were being kept at bay by working for companies not suited for what our passions were in life.  There was an unspoken understanding between us that we were meant to be doing something on a much bigger scale. 

Being a news and political junkie, I read many articles and watched countless documentaries of the sufferings and injustices around the world.  Knowing I always wanted to help people who were overlooked because of their economic and social status, the time felt right more than ever to start contributing and help these causes.   And, that meant everyone from the girl scout troop raising funds to enhance themselves as better citizens or to a global cause by raising awareness and educating the importance of AIDS in poor countries.  The time to act was now and more importantly getting people of the newer generations, Gen X and the Millennials, to get involved and become the next generation of philanthropists.  Times are changing and I want to do my part in saying I too made a difference. 

So, with Kashi's idea of getting swag for a write-off and with me wanting to raise funds globally to help people achieve a better life – we combined our ideas and the birth of was formed. 

This became my way to becoming a better global citizen.

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